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Shahveer Jafry and Ayesha Baig are masking their way through life, and netizens are not having it.

A recent picture of the couple went viral on social media from their latest trip. The duo was seen wearing the clay masks on their face and having some fun with their duly noted skincare routine. Take a look at the picture.

The Travel Reel

The pictures were saved from a travel reel shared by his wife, Ayesha Baig, who gathered small snippets from their trip to Karachi. Needless to say, it involved some projects, food, and significant skincare routines.

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Reactions To The Pictures 

Fans weren’t really amused while they took to social media to share their two cents about the couple.

“I don’t like these public displays of affection, especially in Ramadan.” One user wrote.

“How are they meant to get fame if they do not do anything.”

Take a look at some of the comments on Instagram below.

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Many shared how a couple posting their intimate moments on social media is a recipe for disaster both for society and in the name of religion.

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While some called them ‘losers’, others mentioned them as ‘cheap’, and there is nothing more problematic than this.

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While the YouTube sensations and social media influencers have their life projected on social media, there is no way the public would ever leave them alone. However, targeting them, particularly with the mean comments, is not something they have signed up for.

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