imran khan kurta
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Karma is a Pakistani fashion brand that has made its name in the pret and bridal world. However, the brand has also become famous nowadays for a rather quirky kurta that they’re selling with a politician’s face on it. We tell you the politician, you guess the price— let’s see who surprises whom!

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The Karma Imran Khan Kurta

Karma has come out with a special edition Imran Khan kurta given the current political turmoil that has engulfed Khan. Khan was recently labeled as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan who was voted out. Following that, millions of people took to the streets of Pakistan and other countries to protest this development.

imran khan kurta
Image Source: Instagram

Karma is capitalizing on Khan’s fan’s fervor and passion at the moment by giving them a chance to wear eastern clothing with his face on it. What better way to show your support right?

The Price That’s Making People Lose Their Mind

However, the price is fit for a PMLN supporter! Jokes aside, the price of the kurta is actually absurd and is beyond our comprehension. The Imran Khan kurta is being sold for a whopping Rs.20,000. That too just for the kurta! If you want the white pants with green and black finishing then that will cost you Rs.10,000 more.

If you do not have an issue with the price, here are all the colors available: red, green, white. All sizes from XS to XL are offered. Custom sizes can also be made! If the kurta fit isn’t your vibe, you can always get the loose fabric which is Rs.3000 per meter. The kurtas are also unisex!


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Is This Justified?

We have always seen brands come up with clothing based on celebrities or politicians. They’re supposed to be cheap and fun because you wear them once and then you get done with them. However, Karma here is on another wavelength costing an arm and a leg for a simple kurta.

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Of course, no one is forcing us to purchase this. However, something should be said about how fashion designers are costing such huge amounts on minimal and basic clothing. This is plain exploitation.

What are your thoughts about brands charging a heft amount for just a shirt?

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