Shahveer Jafry, in his latest post, made fun of his wife’s way of talking. Ayesha Baig shared her husband’s clip on her social media and netizens are having fun.

Shahveer’s Jafry Mimics His Wife

If there is one thing this couple has taught us it is how to have fun while being married. Shaveer Jafry was recently seen mimicking the way his wife talks on social media. In a hilarious attempt to record him for the Instagram stories his wife captured the video of her husband making fun of her and it is the cutest thing you need to see today.

Take a look at the video.

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Shahveer, in the video, held the phone in his hand and made a face while talking to the camera. He later told Ayesha that this is how she looks whenever she is filming herself in the story.

Ayesha in response to the witty comment said that she tries to make ‘a pleasant face’. Shahveer on the other hand said that this is not what a pleasant face looks like.

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Previously, Ayesha had been receiving backlash on social media for the way she presents herself to the audience. The troll comments were made in regards to her accent and appearance where the troll brigade noted that she is over the top and Shahveer would’ve found someone much better than her.

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