Aima Baig is under fire yet again for her questionable choices in fashion and netizens are not having it.

Aima Baig & Her Tattoo 

Aima’s butterfly tattoo is the highlight of her recent look. The singer flaunted her huge butterfly tattoo while posing in a desi fit. Wearing a sari in coral and beige hues the singer took to social media to share her photo op with the caption ‘Desi hits different’. 

Take a look at her picture below.

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However, the butterfly tattoo isn’t the only one which can be seen on her arms. Tattoo of a cat, a few phrases which are not visible are a few ink designs the singer has gotten over time. While her choice of designs is cute, to say the least, netizens are not happy with her getting any of them.

Netizens React To Aima’s Tattoos 

Netizens’ reaction to the singer’s tattoos is predictable and obvious. Since tattoos are one of the common body modifications not acceptable in our society for obvious reasons, the public sentiments towards anyone getting them have always been deemed negative. The same goes for Aima. Netizens weren’t happy to see her flaunting her tattoos in a sleeveless sari fit and were disappointed in her.

Here are some of the reactions to her pictures below.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

What are your thoughts about Aima getting inked? Let us know in the comments below.

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