Our politicians are known for many ‘signature’ moves and moments, such as Sheikh Rasheed is known as the ultimate ‘Thug-Life’ guru.

However, looks like Shahbaz Sharif has just a new trend in the world of politics with his new mic drop! While performing to the classic tune ‘Akelay Na Jaana’ while on one of his campaigns, he did something which was truly unexpected!

“I accepted the demand of the people of Karachi 🙂 “Akelay na jaana, hamain chhorh kar tum – tumharay bina hum bhala kia jiyain gy” with sincere thanks for their warm welcome! Pleasure to sing along with the singers who were performing!”

Farhan Saeed to Sing PTI’s Official Election Anthem

At exactly 1:51 Shahbaz Sharif pulls off an epic ‘Mic Drop’ move and walks away!

Social Media’s Reaction to Shahbaz Sharif’s ‘Akalay Na Jaana’ Performance

Here’s how social media reacted to the performance and mic drop!

So have we Quratulain!

You sir have an exquisite taste in music!

If only it remained hidden no?

Someone finally pointed it out!

We have dispatched a search party to find the guilty!

Note to self: Always visit a professional for career advice!

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