He is hot, he is handsome and he is simply unbeatable. Yes, we are talking about the ultimate superstar of Pakistan’s cinema industry, Shaan Shahid and the star seems all set to give us a dose of some high-flying action is his latest movie!

Brandsyanrio has some exclusive sneak peek in store for you from his upcoming venture and you will be in awe of the ageless superstar in these action sequences.


Radiating power, exuding confidence and oozing charisma, the Waar movie star made us fall in love with him all over again as he fights against crime in the teaser.

The actor looks super dashing dressed as an undercover agent. Perfectly acting out a well-choreographed fight scene, the hero landed some powerful kicks and punches on the gangster.


With Pakistani Film Industry gaining momentum after a long hiatus, the actor’s presence has been tantamount. Completing almost 25 years in the movie sphere, Shan Shahid has been soaring high since his 1990 debut in Bulandi and has not ever budged from his indomitable throne.

We truly can’t wait for his next project and are sure it is going to be a bigger blockbuster than Waar and Khuda ke Liye.

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