7 Best Mehndi Artists In Karachi You Should Book For Your Wedding
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The wedding season is going on in full swing, which means unlimited shopping sprees, planning for your favourite looks, and last but not least, looking out for people to do pretty mehndi for you. Months before a wedding or even Eid, the hunt for the best mehndi artists. The mehndi trend is becoming more popular day by day, even outside Pakistan, which is incredible! You may have seen many girls asking on different forums for the best mehndi artists, and to be honest, no one wants to risk their special occasion or their hands by getting it done from someone unprofessional. A big NO-NO!

So, to make your life easier, we took it upon ourselves to hunt down the best mehndi artists for you in K-town. Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Henna Creations By Iqra

“Mommy of two precious little boys, stepping forward with the passion of henna art taking it to another level of intricacy!” We are quoting her bio. Like literally, and we couldn’t agree more with it. The level of intricacy and subtlety will make anyone fall in love with her design, even the not-so Mehndi lovers. When it comes to mehdni, everyone has a different preference. However, if you love the unique and small, intricate designs, Iqra is the perfect option.

2. Hinaj Mehndi

Hinaj offers some of the most classic and traditional designs, perfect for a traditional bride. Even celebrities rave about her work. And if you are a fan of Sharmila Farooqui’s wedding mehndi, then you know who to book for your events.

3. Mehndi By Sakina 

If you like to keep it old school and do not mind stepping out of the house to get the ritual done, go to Sakina for the perfect bridal mehndi. With a variety of designs to offer, Sakina’s work is intricate and beautiful.

4. Henna By Ridma

Ridma is a self-made Henna artist who believes in mehndi being an art form. Her designs are a blend of traditional and modern and include a variety of patterns. If you like your mehndi a little extra yet without going over the top, Ridma is your best bet.

5. Henna By Mehak Nasir 

A simple design can do wonders while adding a little oomph to your bridal look. However, what better way to celebrate your wedding than stepping out of the box and doing something different. If you like your mehndi a little extra or if you have something particular in mind, Mehak is your best option for all kinds of customizable mehndi designs.

6. Henna By Sana 

Sana knows how to add little details to your mehndi to make it a more personalized experience. From names to little flowers, Sana’s bespoke designs are a perfect option for a traditional bride.

7. Henna By Taj

Not a mehdni fan, but being pressured to get mehndi done on your mehndi? Then you need to check out Shahtaj’s design which feels like a breath of fresh mehndi. Her delicate, intricate, and non-conventional designs will surely make you fall in love with at least a few of them.

Whose designs did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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