The uncertainty of the parents concerning reopening of the schools in Rawalpindi was put to rest after a discussion between the education minister and the All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association (APPSMA).

Public and private schools have been reopened from today onwards. APPMSA President for the Rawalpindi region, Abrar Ahmed Khan said that the schools have been reopened after the government took back the FIRs that were registered for a total of 618 schools in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab which were not able to provide ample security for their pupil and staff.

He also said that given the fear people are experiencing the attendance in the schools in expected to remain quite low.  Even though the law enforcement bodies had reassured providing the schools with the required security.

Punjab Govt Shuts Down Schools Till Jan 31st 2016

The school association had collectively decided this Saturday that the schools will remain closed unless their demands are met by the provincial government.

The  FIRs had been cancelled by the Punjab government filed against the management of the schools, however, Rana Mashood the Provincial Minister for Education has told the school managements clearly that if the security standards are not met with the ones required by the government then it will be left with no choice but to shut them down.