The internet can be a very unpredictable platform, all it took was a wink to make Priya Prakash an over-night sensation, where her Insta jumped from just 200 to over 3 million. Not to forget how obsessive people became with anon messaging application Sarahah!

Sarahah took social media by storm, the application allows individuals to give constructive ‘feedback’ about another person. The application was initially designed for workplaces so that employees can give their feedback to their employers.

However, ever since word came out about the application, people have been using it for all the wrong reasons. From sexual harassment to bullying, people are doing it all. These are severe crimes, influencing an individual in a negative way which can lead to self-harm is an offense and is punishable!

Sarahah: Social Media’s New Tool for Cyber Bullying!

Although the application was very similar to ASK.FM, it gained massive popularity in no time! Unfortunately, it was used for all the wrong reasons and showed the world that we humans should not have such a powerful application in our life!

Parents have also spoken against the application!

technology is a gift, it helps one in a number of ways, do not use t for negativity, you never know how the other person is going through and how they may take your ‘joke’. Its a serious matter of life and death, be responsible.

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