samsung replicating brain onto 3D network chips
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There have been many movies that talk about the presence of artificial intelligence. When the terminator first came out in the 80s and became quite a sensation. People loved Arnold for his portrayal of the T-800 and a lot of pop culture movies followed. Films like I, Robot and Chappie talk about the essence of A.I among humans. If we look at the latter one, Chappie, it was shown that consciousness could be transferred. However, in that film, it was stored in a bunch of PS4 consoles. Samsung might be up to something similar.

Recently, we came to found out that the company intends to replicate the human brain onto 3D Chip Networks. This seems quite ahead of anything we might have imagined happening for now. Samsung is certainly making fruitful bounds in their domain and we have yet to see what they come up with. So, let us see what exactly are they up to.

copy pasting the brain by Samsung
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Samsung And Brain Copying

It seems that the leading engineers and scholars from Harvard and Samsung, have gone ahead and published a research paper. This paper talks about the mapping of the human brain onto another surface. The authors hope to create a memory chip that can approximate the unique computing traits of the brain. This means low power, an adaptive environment as well as autonomy and cognition. Even an idea on this could have been considered a fool’s errand some decades ago.

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However, now it seems that this could be something big. There is potential in it and we hope to see it go further than ever before. The method itself would include a nanoelectrode array which would enter a large volume of neurons. Then it would record the position at which the neurons connect as well as the strength of those connections. The data recorded could then be copy-pasted to a 3D network of solid-state memory.

samsung transferring consiousness through 3d chips
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Engineering Backwards

Samsung has said that it wants to reverse engineer the brain just like people have wanted to do for decades. They intend to bring that dream to life. However, there is one thing that the company has yet to understand further. The brain has about 100 billion neurons, for which more than 100 trillion memory units would be needed. This is not something that can be achieved overnight, rather working one night after another.

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Additionally, Samsung intends to keep working in the Neuromorphic field, putting in more research and development after another. We hope that we get to hear more news on this soon. It starts from an idea on paper and it extends much further with persistence. It even reminds us of the movie ‘Transcendence’ or the tv show ‘Altered Carbon’

altered carbon and samsung transferring
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