Samsung mobile phone manufature in Pakistan soon
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As 2021 progresses, Pakistan sees newer companies entering into it. However, there was no infrastructure to support Samsung manufacture in Pakistan. Yes, the phones were brought in and then sold. However, now it seems that this is not going to be the real deal. According to sources, the PTA has just given Samsung the green light to manufacture phones in Pakistan! Is this not one of the best news to have been heard today?

Samsung In Pakistan

The company has recently entered into a deal with Lucky Motor Cooperation. If you have heard of this name, then you know that they are a big deal. They have been in operation for quite some time now and have risen in the ranks. Lucky is one of the names that you hear on a lot of products. From cement to automobiles, the industry stretches wide.

Now, due to the agreement, the company has moved into the smartphone domain as well. As per the deal, Lucky Motor Cooperation or LMC, is going to be manufacturing Samsung phones. This means that Pakistan is going to have a local manufacturing setup for it. This will, indeed, require the building of a production plant and job opportunities for people.

samsung manufacturing in Pakistan
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New Horizons

Not only is this creating job opportunities for many people, but it also spreads the word about the benefit of manufacturing in Pakistan. Making phones on a local scale here only boosts the numbers for Samsung. They now have another country on their roster that they can deal with. Additionally, there is no doubt that competitors will also want to be a part of this.

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One of the reasons is going to be the price of the upcoming Samsung phones. After the plant has been set up and production starts, Samsung phone prices are expected to be cheaper. Local manufacturing means that smartphones will not have to be imported, with increased tax and price jumps. It means that flagship phones might just become affordable to a lot of people.

manufacturing of phones by Samsung through LMC
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Samsung Rising

This shows us that more developments are headed towards Pakistan soon. Whether you are a fan of Android or iOS, you might be inclined to check out Samsung phones soon. Let us hope we get to hear more good news like this. Who knows what other companies get the green light from PTA to manufacture phones here!

manufacturing of phones in the country
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