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Samsung has officially confirmed that its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note, will no longer be manufactured. However, the company is not going to abandon that market niche.

Galaxy Note Discontinues 

Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung’s smartphone area, has confirmed the news in an interview with the Korean media

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The Galaxy Note brand will no longer be used in its products. Therefore, the Note 20 will be the last device in the range. Further adding that that the “Galaxy Note will come out as Ultra” moving forward.

The executive said that Samsung will no longer launch a separate Note series and instead will ship all the features of the Note lineup in the Ultra model.

It is already established that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most expensive model of the new S22 range. Its design is completely different from the rest of the range and follows the lines of the Note 20. Everything indicates that Samsung had advanced a lot in the development of the Note 21 last year, and took advantage of that work for the Ultra.

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The Galaxy Note Market

The Galaxy Notes were Samsung’s most advanced phones and by extension, the Android market. They were easy to spot because of their large screen, powerful hardware, and especially the stylus that is stored inside the device itself; It was the favorite of professionals and enthusiasts, who require something more from their mobile.

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This cancellation is the company’s final response to a massive request from thousands of brand fans to cancel the S22 range in order to get the Galaxy Note back. Samsung is one of the many smartphone brands that has been affected by the chip crisis, and has had to prioritize other developments such as folding phones.

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