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Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s couple is probably everyone’s favorite celebrity couple. The two got married in 2019 and since then have come together in not only ads but many fashion campaigns. The two are stellar at their job and have been making their name even more special in the industry together.

However, recently, Ahad Raza Mir’s absence at his sister-in-law’s wedding had everyone wondering whether something is amiss. Sajal Aly now discloses the reason behind it!

What Did She Say?

Sajal Aly was caught somewhere by an interviewer and he asked the most pressing question! He asked her that people are always wondering why Ahad Raza Mir is not seen with her nowadays. Sajal, unflinchingly, responded that he is at work! Because Ahad Raza Mir is at work, according to Sajal, he is not seen with her. She then gave an adorable smile and that was about it!

Rumors are now suggesting that Ahad Raza Mir may be working on some project abroad. That is the most convincing explanation we can come up with because if the work was here, surely he’d be seen.

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When Did The Questions Begin?

The questions began, especially at Saboor Aly’s wedding. Sajal Aly was playing the role of the bridesmaid and showing her face everywhere. From Nikkah to Mehndi, she was always at the front. Why wouldn’t she be also? She’s the bride’s sister and nobody enjoys a wedding more together than the sisters.

sajal husband accompany
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So, naturally, when people repeatedly saw Sajal without her husband at this close wedding, they became suspicious. Moreover, what is more suspicious is why Sajal’s in-laws couldn’t make it then. Aren’t they super close? There’s no picture of them together!

Even Celebrities Pitched In

This whole thing of Sajal and Ahad not being together started spreading. Many netizens became convinced something is perhaps going on in their marriage. In these speculations, this news also reached Yasir Hussain. In one of his question-answer sessions, people asked him this very same question. Do you know why they are not seen together?

sajal husband accompany
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The actor had a very gentle response which was that he hopes what people are insinuating is not the reality. With that being said, now everyone can rest!

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