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The gorgeous Pakistani model and actress, Sadaf Kanwal is recently catching some heat after making pretty bold comments about Mahira Khan and #MeToo movement on a talk show.

During an interview with a renowned designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin on “Tonite with HSY”, the 25-year-old star did not shy away from making extremely controversial statements that have left her fans in utter shock.

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Taking a dig at Mahira Khan, the supermodel lashed out at the Humsafar haseena that it’s her fair-skin that makes her so successful in the industry.

What do you think about why people like Mahira Khan, it’s because of her skin color. She doesn’t have any unique thing in her.

She added that anyone can be Mahira and her looks are all that make her desirable.

Her face just isn’t specific.

In yet another daring opinion, the Balu Mahi starlet stated that women should come forward as soon as they are harassed and there is no point in raising the issue after a while.

She said:

I don’t understand this #MeToo trend. I don’t know what to say about it. I mean If I was the victim of harassment under #MeToo then I will raise my voice immediately. I’ll never post about it on social media and make a big deal.

Surprisingly, her co-guest on the show, Amna Ilyas immediately disagreed with Sadaf and said that when someone is harassed, it takes courage to speak up.

She said:

Some people don’t have the courage to speak up so they raise their voices a while later and everyone should talk about it whenever they are ready.

Pakistani Celebrities React to Sadaf’s Take on #Metoo

Of course, Meesha Shafi who has been an active part of the #Metoo movement took a subtle dig at Sadaf for mocking the campaign.

Mentioning the model’s bushy eyebrows, she slammed Sadaf for her views.

Did you notice how Shafi wrote the incorrect grammar in her tweet? It was yet again a savage dig at the supermodel and her bad grammar.

Following the controversy, Sanam Saeed also posted an empowering message on her Instagram for all to learn.


Needless to say, fans are not happy with Sadaf for talking about the sensitive issue so lightly.

Fans of Mahira Khan were also quick to bash the model on her contentious words.

Watch the full episode below:


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We would just advice the model to be a bit more careful in the future!

What are your views on the Sadaf’s post? Tell us in the comments. Let us know in the comments section below.

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