Nadir Ali is under fire yet again and for all the right reasons. This time the YouTuber has managed to shame Indian and Pakistani actors on his podcast openly and people are furious over his remarks.

Nadir Ali Hosts Moammar Rana

In a recent episode of his podcast, Nadir Ali invited Moammar Rana as his guest on the show. During the interview the guest talked about his experience in the industry, his relationship with the co-stars in the fraternity, and other random things from his showbiz days.

During a series of questions, Nadir asked Rana about the beauty standards of the industry. He then moved on to ask a derogatory question about the actresses in Pakistan and India which seems extremely unethical.  He asked the host ‘Who do you find the most ugly in the Pakistani industry?’

The question itself shows the morality and judgment shown by the podcast host towards the industry. Meanwhile, this is not the first time he has openly shamed the actors on his YouTube channel. In response to the question Rana mentioned that ‘there aren’t any female actresses in the Pakistani TV industry who are not beautiful.’

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Nadir then directed the question toward Indian actresses and to his response Moammar Rana shared an instance where he was unable to recognize Priyanka Chopra because she didn’t look as beautiful as she does in the pictures.

“I couldn’t recognize Priyanka Chopra at first. She came and sat beside me at an awards show. She was talking with Salman Khan and when she left I was extremely surprised. The crush that I had on her was gone right away.”

Meanwhile, Nadir during his response kept giving his two cents that she must’ve looked like a maid or black salt.

Moammar later mentioned that the woman he found beautiful in the Indian industry was Ameesha Patel and to this response, Nadir kept asking whether it was her face or something else.

Netizens Are Boycotting Nadir Ali

His remarks triggered the netizens and public in general and people have started boycotting and reporting the YouTuber. Many comments were left on social media accounts where netizens mentioned their thoughts about Nadir calling him out for his unethical questions in the podcast.

“Nadir must think twice before commenting about other actors. He doesn’t fit the criteria of beauty standards.” Wrote one user.

“If her complexion had mattered, she wouldn’t have won Miss World.” Another wrote.

This is one of the many instances that have happened on the Nadir Ali podcast and it is high time that the YouTuber gets his action straight.

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