Saboor Aly Furious After Her Wedding Look Was Blatantly Copied In A Drama

Saboor Aly shared her thoughts on her wedding look. And no she didn’t give a shoutout to the designer and neither was reminiscing about her wedding day.

Saboor Aly’s Wedding Outfit 

The actress who got married to Ali Ansari over a year ago recently shared her disbelief over a TV drama for blatantly copying her wedding look. The drama ‘Mannat Murad’ which is currently on air stars Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahoor. While the drama had nothing to do with the actress, what threw her off was the wedding outfit adorned by Iqra Aziz in the recent episode of the series.

Saboor who wore a custom-made Faiza Saqlain number paying homage to her mother’s wedding look was a vision to behold on her wedding day. While Iqra Aziz pulled off the look just as graciously, Saboor is certainly not happy with the costume designer of the drama who failed to pick something that doesn’t hold a sentimental value to someone.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Saboor shared that she was disappointed to see what she had put her heart into on the TV screen.

Here’s the post from her Instagram

Image source: Instagram

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Saboor Aly is keeping her wedding look close to her heart. Saboor’s wedding pictures are no less than a dream as she has posted and pinned the best of her wedding day memories on her Instagram. If you missed Saboor’s wedding day look then check out her pictures below.

Designer Speaks Up

Faiza Saqlain addressed Saboor Aly’s wedding dress complaint in a statement on Thursday, deeming the outcry unnecessary.

“I feel there wasn’t any need of this uproar especially when designers do a favour and take time out to design time-consuming looks like bridals in return of neither money nor any other major collaborative benefits. This particular jora is completely an FS Bridal and we have all the rights to sell it and/or give it for further collaborations,” the designer wrote on Instagram.

Take a look at the complete note:

The Set Design & Decor

Meanwhile, her wedding dress wasn’t the only thing copied. The set designed for the drama was extremely similar to the venue and decor Saboor picked for her wedding day. Shot by a poolside the set featured the same design in the background saying ‘Mannat aur Murrad Ka Nikkah’ which Saboor had for her wedding day saying ‘Saboor aur Ali Ka Nikkah’. These small details sure feel like a dead giveaway that the whole wedding theme was copied.

What are your thoughts on the drama ripping off the details from Saboor’s special day? Let us know in the comments below.

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