Saba Faisal recently posted a video on her social media welcoming her daughter-in-law into her home and the comments section has become a troll fest after netizens criticism.

The video shows Saba Faisal welcoming her son and daughter-in-law for the first time into her home after the wedding. In a very traditional manner, Saba is seen giving sadqa and putting oil on the bride’s feet.

The video filmed by another member of the family features the entire family giving the house tour to the bride and as they welcome her to the room. Nonetheless, the less the welcome was done in a truly desi manner.

Here’s a video from the actress’s Instagram for you.

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Saba Faisal’s controversy with her eldest daughter-in-law who left the house soon after is not hidden from the social media and netizens. Hence, this seemed like a befitting time for trolls to call out the actress for her indifferent behavior. While the majority mentioned that she welcomed her first daughter-in-law the same way, others criticized her for going above and beyond.

Here’s what the public had to say about Saba Faisal in the comments section.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

What are your views on the celebrations made by the family as they welcome a new family member?

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