A video went viral on social media from a wedding event and it seems like the audience is having the last laugh. While the bride has been made fun of by calling ‘Kheer’ the rice pudding, social media is left in fits.

Kheer or Rice Pudding?

While kheer is rice pudding in English, Pakistanis felt utter disrespect for calling kheer rice pudding. In a video that has gone viral on social media, a bride while eating a bite of dessert asks her friend if it is rice pudding. The response from her friend was hilarious, to say the least as she called her out hilariously saying ‘It’s Kheer’.

While the savage response might have left the internet laughing, the same social media isn’t happy with the bride’s audacity to call it rice pudding.

Before we hop on the comments, take a look at the now-viral video below.

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Netizens Reaction To The Video 

The mixed reactions to the video are relatable yet frustrating. Many users mentioned that they called out Kheer by the same name, while others bashed the bride for being too ‘English’. Others were simply intolerant and mentioned their disregard for the brides and their attitudes in recent times.

Here are some reactions from the social media post below.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

What do you call Kheer? Rice pudding or anything else? Let us know your favorite name in the comments below.

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