Remember Arshad Khan? The gorgeous ‘Chaiwala’ who became the heartthrob of the nation within hours of his picture circulating the internet!

Or the Bun-Kabab Kid who was spotted in a local park who was discovered out of the blue?

Now, there’s a new internet sensation, Peshawar’s ‘Roti-Wala’! Someone shared the image of the young lad, and to your amazement, he looks like the doppelganger of a famous footballer, none other than the Red Devil’s David De Gea!

Yes, it wasn’t the Man-U goalkeeper you saw, it was Roti-Wala! By God, the resemblance is uncanny!

Told Ya! Don’t See it Yet?

How about Now?

Well, Arshad Khan was showered with endorsements, contracts, and fame. We hope this lad gets the same amount of attention so that he can make a promising career out of it, even if it’s endorsing local sports brands!

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