Yesterday, a video went viral on social media showcasing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker, Dr. Imran Ali Shah thrashing a citizen near National Stadium in Karachi.

Apparently, the man under attack was Mr. Dawood Chauhan, Senior Additional Director of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

The trending clip received massive backlash with social media urging PTI to take immediate notice of the matter.

Defending his action in a video statement, Dr. Imran Ali Shah revealed that he got off his car to resolve a fight between two motorists.

According to him, one of the motorists was “repeatedly hitting a poor man’s car and stopped him”

Things escalated when the motorist abused and pushed Dr. Shah for intruding in the matter. 

“Being a responsible citizen and a member of the provincial assembly I have more responsibility towards my people, The viral clip is half-truth and misleading. I cannot turn a blind eye on someone doing injustice to a citizen for any reason”

Watch his complete statement below!

Later, PTI issued a show cause notice to Shah for violating the law and punishing the citizen.

Following the action by PTI, Dr. Shah personally visited Mr. Dawood’s home and apologized for his misconduct.

Apologizing for his rash behavior, the MPA took to Twitter to further clarify himself.

Despite Dr. Shah’s apology to the abusee, Mr. Dawood Chauhan’s son remains unconvinced and has now taken to social media to express his anger on the incident.

The drama has the whole Twitterverse on tenterhooks!

PTI fans are urging Imran Khan to expel him from the party!

And now Shah is even being accused of dual nationality!

Amidst all the hullabaloo, yet another interesting tweet targetting Dawood’s son, Laraib Chauhan is now going viral.

Let’s see what is the final verdict of PTI on the matter.


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