Pakistan’s economy is growing at a rapid rate. The GDP per capita is expected to be greater than China’s in the near future.

This is mainly due to the business growth and their high returns. The standards of living in the economy are accelerating and as a result of it, the crime rate has also decreased.

The rise in investments is a signal of business success and economic boom. The trade cycle shows that there is increasing demand for different products in the market.

The enormous $52 billion investment in CPEC has attracted huge amounts of FDI leading to business prosperity.

Here are the most profitable sectors in Pakistan;

1)    Automobile Industry

The automobile industry in Pakistan has been on a high since the domination of different firms like Honda, Toyota and Suzuki. The Manufacturers experienced a rise in their sales when compared to the last year.

Due to the industry friendly laws, the firms have set up their assembly plants within Pakistan reducing their costs and adding to their incomes.

2) Textile Sector

The textile industry is one which every Pakistani is proud of. The textile industry accounts for more than 50% of the total exports.The rise of textile giants has attracted new textile firms which

The rise of textile giants has attracted new textile firms which have increased the competitiveness in the market leading to efficient production and higher profits due to low costs. Due to the shortage of certain facilities, the industry is growing at a sluggish pace.

3)    Chemicals & Fertilizers

Chemicals and Fertilizers industry is also another gigantic sector which has its firm footsteps in the Pakistani market. Companies like ICI Pakistan, Fauji Fertilizer, Engro Fertilizer, Abbott and Lucky Cement are dominating the market and has a strong potential for growth and high profits.

4)    FMCG

FMCG is a huge business sector in Pakistan with dominant multinational players like Nestle, Unilever and Engro Foods. The market is still growing and is very profitable. The demand for FMCG is growing on a daily basis mostly because of the rising population however the market is growing simultaneously.

5)    Energy & Petroleum

Though the shortage of energy has been one of the major problems for Pakistan, the crisis is expected to fall by 2025. Due to the daily need of petroleum and energy the industry is growing rapidly and has a good profitability, however, the dominant firms are very hard to counter because of mass experience in the market.

What are your thoughts about the economy and its respective sectors?

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Contributed By: Anas Sultan