When Justin Trudeau was chosen Prime Minister of Canada, he was asked why was it important for him to choose a cabinet which is gender biased, to which he replied, “Because it’s 2015!”

Fast forward to 3 years of this celebrated statement, we have seen the women of Pakistan also take up challenging roles in society to break all norms and stereotyping!

Our unsung heroes excel in many fields in this day and age, however, often go unappreciated.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) wanted to show their appreciation for the hard working and dedication of the women behind incredible journeys.

Recently, PIA praised one such talented young lady, the youngest Senior Aircraft Technician named Eeman Faheem who was caught in a candid moment while changing the brake assembly harness of the Airbus.

14 Pakistani Female Pilots Who Dared to Conquer the Skies!

Social Media Trolls Eeman Faheen

While it has made us immensely proud to know that there are women out there who are breaking shackles to make their dreams come true, we are even more happy to know that there are many people who appreciate their hard work.

Unfortunately, there are also some who need an excuse to troll such amazing individuals because they themselves can never make it in that position themselves, a few examples of such people are as below;

It is really sad and sick to see that in 2018 this is the mentality most of the people have in a prospering Pakistan. Acceptance is key to develop a country so that it can provide for its people and cater to their needs. However, in a society which the majority of the people think that a girl belongs to the kitchen, or she cannot do a man’s job, the need to change this backwards conservative ‘soch’ is highly necessary.

Time and time again in history, whether it dates back to the Prophet’s time or even before, women have played a very important role in the development of society and in raising a brighter mindset to give back to the nation.

Previously, the national airlines covered the story of their brave Captain, Maryam Masood and First Officer, Shumaila Mazhar, for a successful flight to Gilgit from Islamabad.

PIA’s Female Pilots Ridiculously Trolled for Flying to Gilgit!

Kudos to you Eeman and to all the other young gals out there working day and night to make their dreams come true!

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