Popular Pakistani drama actor, Ayaz Samoo recently had quite an interesting experience with the national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Talking about his experience on social media, the actor’s message is quite clear to our youth of today: “Raising your voice can actually make a difference”!

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The ‘Maan Jao Na’ actor went on a trip and decided to travel through PIA. However, he was shocked and disappointed to see that the aircraft was dirty and covered with litter!

Expressing his disappointment over the maintenance of the airplane, Ayaz decided to call out to the airline and bring the matter to their notice.

Ma sha ALLAH itna saaf jahaaz. Flight se pehle Clifton Beach par picnic ke liye gya hua tha. (Wapsi par bachon apne kapron se mitti yahin jhaari aur kachra bhi yahin phenka). Shukriya PIA

Taking immediate notice of the critical matter, PIA responded to the popular actor, stating that the matter had been sorted and the aircraft has been cleaned!

Thanks for sharing this Ayaz, based upon your feedback the plane was immediately sent for cleaning and here is the latest picture.

So pleased was Ayaz with the prompt response by PIA that he shared a screenshot of their “conversation” on his Instagram!

Here is an obvious message to each and every Pakistani that your voice can make a difference. Use it for good, for a better Pakistan.
Thank you PIA for taking responsibility and to improve things, I’m really glad to know that. Plus my today’s flight was on time as well. 🙏🏻😇 #PIA #RaiseYourVoiceForGood

Ayaz’s experience is certainly a positive lesson for us all: standing up for a cause (no matter how big or small) and raising your voice CAN make a difference in our society – it’s just up to us how we do it!

We are certainly impressed with the recently re-branded airline PIA over the way they handled the situation and hope that they continue doing that in the future.

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