PIA’s transition from ‘Great People To Fly With’ to ‘Our Resilience Has Overcome Our Challenges’ amidst their struggles to sustain is certainly not amusing. However, the way the corporation has announced its comeback is something that has people cracking and shaking their heads over the audacity of the post. PIA’s latest post on X (formerly Twitter) has sparked a wave of hilarious reactions on the social media platforms. The post was shared with a caption which read,

“I’ve fallen many times, but I’ve always picked myself up again. I’m not broken. My failures do not define me, it’s my resolve that makes me stronger, than ever before. Proud to announce, that #PIA Flt Ops is now fully restored.”

Before we jump on to the legendary Twitter reactions, take a look at their announcement post below.

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PIA’s deliberate attempt to turn its misery into a heroic comeback story is nothing but disappointing. Not to mention the copy which seems inadvertently pushed and straight out of the ChatGPT log alongside poor marketing.

But this certainly gave Pakistanis a way to turn any situation into a comic scene, the hilarious reactions to the post are only the best thing that came out of the whole scenario.

Here are some of the most hilarious comments from their post.

While it might not be the airline that has led people down but the system behind the airline. However, the question is could PIA have done something better than this? Certainly yes!

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