The iconic Mazda SP and Electric
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The 2023 Japan Mobility show has had a lot to offer to the viewers. Japan has been known to be one of the frontrunners for auto manufacturing. It was Japan that started to bring in the local car culture in the world. Yes, it was in Japan that youngsters started to soup and beef up their commercial car engines into something big. Even the drift culture began in Japan, when people with vehicles from the Japanese domestic market, began to drift up and down mountains. Even now, some of the most popular fast cars of history are JDMs. Now, they are moving towards electric!

This, it comes as no surprise that Japan’s new auto show turned out to be a success. There was a lot to view within that space everyone had something they could enjoy. Among the many reveals that were made, the show made sure to bring the electric vehicle domain to the people. They want to show them exactly how the country intends to proceed in terms of electric vehicle manufacture.

1. Mazda Iconic SP Electric

Yes, we have a Mazda here with the iconic style that we have seen in the RX-7 and the RX-8. These are some of the most robust cars of their time, truly showing the power of speed. That said, if Toyota has such an electric car under their belt, it is sure to make waves.

2. Lexus LF-ZC Saloon

Here we have another electric sedan that is going to show exactly how well Japan makes automotives. The company claims that the vehicle is going to run twice the range that the highest vehicles run today. This means that we could see an electric sedan with a range of more than 600 Miles! That sounds quite impressive.

3. Honda Prelude Electric

It is true that it has been a while since Honda came up with anything that they showcased at this auto show. Those who are fans of the ‘Type-R’ badge are sure to love this electric sports car coming out. Honda did not give out many details but the design itself looks something straight out of the movie series: Tron.

4. Nissan Hyper Tourer

If you have seen 11-seater vehicles anywhere in Pakistan, you might be familiar with the design. These are huge autos with the capacity to carry a lot of people and their supplies. The Hyper Tourer is similar to that, but it has a sleek design and it is electric. This vehicle focuses more on luxury and quality driving than anything. We are anticipating the release!

5. Nissan Hyper Force

If talking about an immense amount of power, then the Hyper Force reveal takes the cake. Yes, this is a vehicle that is expected to output more than 1000kw. It is something that points towards an all-electric GTR. Everyone loves the GTR and how it functions even today. If Nissan is working on a monster, we have yet to see more!

These are just some of the vehicles that were showcased at the auto show. You can always look up the stream to see the videos!

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