In previous years, the travel experience with PIA has become dreadful for the public to say the least. The downfall of PIA is something the entire nation is familiar with. While once they were ‘great people to fly with’ but not anymore. Every once in a while we come across someone’s experience with PIA which is far from pleasant and a similar instance has been shared by a traveller on their social media platform which is saddening and disappointing.

What Happened To PIA? 

While government and the attitude of authorities towards our industries is one thing. It’s what people choose to do with them matters more. While Pakistanis are an extremely unpredictable nation, such instances where inflicting damage to our own good is something that we are all familiar with.

However, such instances are now not just limited to wall chalkings and public transport markings but they have made their way to airplanes now. We, as a nation, have no sense of responsibility towards our own. A Twitter user, on his recent flight, shared such an experience with PIA which showcases our attributes as a nation.

The passenger who was boarded on a PIA flight shares images from inside the plane. The views are saddening and disappointing. The images shared showed plane seats being chalked with numbers and names with permanent markers.

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Meanwhile, another picture showed a broken seat which looked like something out of the post-apocalyptic world and it’s no wonder why PIA has become the least favourite airline of Pakistanis. Having a bad travel experience once in a lifetime is something but to encounter such instances time and again is something no one likes to experience especially while travelling.

While Twitter users shared their thoughts on the instance, it seems like the attempts to privatize the airline are something that has to be done in due time.

What are your thoughts on the PIA customer service and our public’s attitude towards it? Share your views in the comments below.

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