Vital Tea is launching an exciting summer campaign that celebrates the love for tea in Pakistan. Tea isn’t just a drink; it’s a vital part of Pakistani culture and daily life. It’s enjoyed during friendly get-togethers, important family events, work breaks, and even cricket matches.

In the hearts of Pakistanis, cricket transcends the realm of mere sport, bearing immense emotional significance. Irrespective of gender or age, cricket pulsates through our collective spirit. And what elevates this cherished experience even further? Cricket and chai, an inseparable duo, coalesce to define the very essence of the atmosphere.

‘Chai aur Cricket’Campaign

Vital Tea recognized the opportunity to spotlight this exceptional connection and stepped into the limelight. Their objective was to measure the extent to which Pakistanis resonate with this sentiment, and to achieve this, they unveiled a captivating new Digital Video Campaign (DVC). This initiative garnered support and creative contributions from esteemed influencers including Haroon Shahid, Maryam Nafees, and Emad Irfani. Together, they eloquently conveyed how chai forms an indispensable component of any cricket event.

Here’s the DVC:

The DVC has profoundly resonated with Pakistanis, igniting a nationwide phenomenon that continues to captivate the nation’s spirit. The impact of this campaign reverberated far beyond the celebrity endorsements, as numerous Instagram magazines and bloggers joined the chorus, uniting under the hashtag #ChaiAurCricket to amplify the message.

The DVC garnered significant attention as these influential figures shared it across their digital platforms upon its debut. The excitement escalated to a crescendo when prominent Facebook Groups enthusiastically launched a Vital Tea contest. This contest encouraged participants to share their cherished moments of ‘Chai and Cricket’ for a chance to seize enticing prizes.

Undoubtedly, the campaign and the DVC have deeply connected with the Pakistani populace, sparking a nationwide phenomenon that continues to enchant the spirit of the nation!

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