5 People Who Became Internet Sensations In 2021

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As the year 2021 is about to reach its end, we just had to do a roundup of the internet sensations that became the talk-of-town. For this list, we are not going to stay limited to Pakistan but go across the border, in fact around the globe. So, read the entire article for if you had been living under a rock, you might need to stay updated as you enter 2022.

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1. Dananeer Mobeen

Don’t know who we are talking about?

Given her popularity, that is just not possible. But even if somehow you can’t recall the name, then you’d definitely recall the phrase, “Pawri ho ri hai.” Our very own, Pakistani content creator made a video for her Instagram account as she traveled to northern Pakistan. In that video, she was seen hanging out with friends and decided to make fun of the ‘wannabe-burgers’ who even change their tone after spending a few moments abroad.

The sentence, ‘yeh hum hai, yeh humari car hai aur ye humari pawri hori hai’ (This is us, this is our car, and this is us having our party) went instantly viral. It started with people making memes and then celebrities got in on the hype. Eventually, Dananeer became a viral phenomenon without whom this list would be just incomplete.

2. Sahadev Dirdo 

If you don’t realise who we are referring to, that’s understandable. But if we were to say, ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’, then what? Yes, Sahadev is that kid from Chhattisgarh who was singing bachpan ka pyaar. Let’s just take a moment to reminisce “Jaane Meri Jaaneman, Baspan Ka Pyar Mera Bhul Nahi Jaana Re…”

The child has more than 300k Instagram followers right now. Numerous celebrities from both sides of the borders tuned in to the hype. Remember Saba Qamar vibing to it?

3. Khaby Lame

Khabane Lame, also known as Khaby Lame, went through being fired from his workplace. As working professionals, one can understand how hard things must have been for him. Yet, he used that time to create his own videos. His videos are self-evident of the fact that you need to be intelligent to convey your story and it may not require extremely hard work.

What Khaby would do is, he would take existing videos of people doing tasks in an extremely difficult way and failing. Taking that trend of videos, he would do the entire task but in the most obvious way. His signature hand movement was hilarious indeed.

The look of disapproval and disgust on his face for the lame acts of the other content creators was the best part of his videos. Khaby was an internet sensation last year as well as this year with brands now having him as part of their campaigns.

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4. Aamina Reyaz

Yet another Pakistani who is just 15 years old became one of the internet sensations this year. The girl by the name of Aamina Reyaz was seen in a video uploaded by one of the neighbourhood boys. She was making roti but the beautiful smile of the hazel-eyed girl was enough to get people hooked. She has a smile throughout her act of making roti.

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5. Yashraj Mukhate

Dananeer Mobeen’s Pawri Hori Hai may not have become this big had Yashraj Mukhate not presented his rending of the phrase. The talented Indian created an entire song out of that sentence. You may also remember him from the rasode main kaun tha. Gopi Bahu’s clip was already viral but Yahsraj’s take was one to enjoy.

There were many more internet sensations but these 5 won our hearts, for sure.

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