Latest TikTok Sensation Is Not An Influencer But A Girl From A Village
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The chimeric world of social media sensation has led us to believe that life is all about glamourous selfies, eating out, and dressing up. Amongst this, the simple things in life have lost their meaning. While everybody is trying to outshine one other on social media, it has become as deceptive as ever before. However, the true essence of life lies in the small things we enjoy doing every day, and they do not even cost us anything besides happiness.

Latest TikTok Sensation 

A village girl is selling a similar philosophy which is the latest TikTok sensation on social media. Unfortunately, she does not have access to technology, neither she dresses up in Instagram-worthy outfits. Still, she manages to put a smile on everyone’s fave by enjoying the little things in life.

Her instagram following stands at 193K followers as of today. Her bio, as she says, is one of the reasons she is gaining a lot of popularity.

“Photo lene ke liye ache kapde toh nhi,
Lekin khuda ki di hui Muskurahat jrur hai❤”

The little girl who goes by the name of Amna posts daily videos on TikTok. In the videos, she is mainly seen cooking or making Rotis. However, the measure of her talent is not just her cooking skills but the confidence she holds in front of the camera. Her bright smile and her simple personality show us that even the simplest things can have the utmost value in life.

Why Amna?

It is rare for someone as simple as Amna to become famous on social media, but why? One might wonder. Social media has fooled us all into thinking that there is nothing more to life than being famous. This competition and loophole of trying to become better than ourselves have made us overlook our capabilities and strengths.

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