parwaz hai junoon

Of skies and snow-capped mountains, uniforms, and planes, patriotism and sacrifice; Parwaz Hai Junoon will be the first Pakistani movie in 50 years that will pay homage to the gallant heroes of Pakistan Airforce.

Seems like, Hum Films left no stone unturned to put up a stellar cast for the film. From Hamza Ali Abbasi, Hania Amir, Shaz Khan Shamoon Abbasi, Marina Khan to Kubra Khan; big-wigs of the nation’s entertainment scene will be a part of the plot.

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But did you know that the movie also boasts a stellar cast of four promising debutants?

1) Rachel Viccaji

The first one is the Coke Studio stunner, Rachel Viccaji. The songstress has proved her mettle within the music sphere and now is all set to conquer the realms of cinema industry. She plays the role of the tomboy ‘Ujala’- the tough girl of her squad.

In an exclusive interview to Brandsynario, Viccaji revealed:

“I chose to do PHJ, because the concept was different, and interesting. I like the idea that it isn’t a typical romantic movie. I particularly like the fact that female fighter pilots are being highlighted”

Seems like working with an ensemble cast has made her big debut an inevitable, wholesome experience.

“It’s fascinating, because there’s so much talent, and so many vibrant personalities within the cast. Fortunately we all get along really well, which makes the whole experience even more fun”

2) Sabeena Syed

Unseen and unheard, Sabeena Syed is a fresh face who will be stepping in the entertainment cosmos with Parwaz Hai Junoon. Formerly an A-level student, it is a great feat for the 19-year old rising starlet to bag a movie as big as PHJ as her debut.

Syed will be playing the role of one of the female cadets who meets Hania Amir at the Airforce Academy.

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An elated Sabeena told Brandsyanrio:

“The patriotic side of me wanted to experience the air force journey first hand so I was really excited about this opportunity”

Talking about the story, she divulged:

“The film is quite women-centric and shows our journey as female cadets aspiring to become fighter pilots till the time some of us become flying officers”

3) Faris Shafi

We have seen Meesha Shafi’s brother work his magic in various Pakistani dramas. Now, the actor will be marking his entry on the silver screen with a cameo role in the film.

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“I play the role of senior of the emerging cadets in the movie”, told Shafi

Apparently, the actor was out of the country whilst the cast of PHJ was decided. Consequently, Haseeb Hasan invited Faris to at least do a guest role in the project.

“The movie’s cast supports young talent. The sets are very dynamic, making the experience all the more fun at work”.

4) Ahad Raza Mir

At the launch party of Parwaz Hai Junoon, it was Osman Khalid Butt who was revealed as the second lead in the tale. However, he became busy with the promotions of Balu Mahi and opted out of the cinematic endeavor.

Replacing him is Ahad Raza Mir, son of the acclaimed actor Asif Raza Mir. For those who are ardent viewers of Hum TV’s drama Sammi will know the hero already.

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5) Syed Shafaat Ali

He makes us roll with laughter with his mimicries and comical stunts! And now, Syed Shafaat Ali will be seen in all his glory on the big screen.

It was the theme of the movie that attracted Ali to sign up for the script. We have witnessed him as Atif, Bilawal, Altaf, Imran and even Shah Rukh Khan. However, Shafaat will be seen like never before in the movie.

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A Momina Duraid production, the film is written by Haseeb Hasan and is penned by Farhat Ishtiaq. Parwaaz Hay Junoon is slated for Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 release. The plot has been inspired by real P.A.F success stories.