The exhausting heat wave has been gripping all of Sindh while other provinces are experiencing normal temperature. It is being expected that the heat will intensify in the upcoming week. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued alerts to all the departments concerned to adopt pre-emptive measures to avoid any untoward situation.

PMD’s Director General Dr Ghulam Rasul, while talking to a local news website said that usually in mid-April temperature in most parts of the country, except in interior Sindh, rarely c40-degree degree centigrade.

“It is expected that the coming week is likely to be the hottest week of the year throughout the country.”- Dr Ghulam Rasul

While providing further details, Mr Rasul added that Pakistan will touch 45-46 degree centigrade, in interior Sindh it will reach 48-49 degree centigrade, in plain areas of Balochistan it will fluctuate between 42 to 44 degree centigrade, in southern Punjab it will fluctuate between 45 to 47 degree centigrade and in Islamabad it is expected to cross 40 degrees centigrade.

“Therefore mostly temperature crosses 40 degree mark either at the end of April or in May, not in the mid of April,”- Dr Ghulam Rasul

“However, in coastal areas and in Karachi the temperature will likely fall four to five-degree centigrade as the sea breeze will continue to blow,” he added. “People should increase their water intake, avoid exposure to the sun, avoid going out during peak hours, wear light colour clothes, cover head with a wet cloth among others,” advised Dr Rasul.

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Source: ExpressTribune