shaheen 1A ballistic missile
Image source: Aaj Tv

Pakistan Army launched the ballistic missile Shaheen 1A for testing purposes. Soon, the video began going viral. It was being shared on both sides of the borders really. While Pakistanis were celebrating it, India was not too happy with the development.

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Pak Army & their Shaheen 1A

DG ISPR announced that the test flight was conducted to test the surface-to-surface ballistic missile for its design and technical parameters. The missile Shaheen 1A successfully proved the efforts of the Pak Army actively employed at bettering their weapon system to defend the nation. The video was all over Twitter within moments as a huge crowd witnessed the iconic moment.

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Shaheen Afridi trends

As Shaheen 1A began trending, it was not too difficult to be instantly reminded of another weapon that Pakistan holds; our beloved Shaheen Afridi, future son-in-law of Shahid Afridi. The bowler may give his fair share of free hits but with the wickets that he takes so beautifully, one cannot stay unimpressed.

Be it the cricketer’s performance in the T20 World Cup or in Pakistan Vs Bangladesh’s match, he rules over hearts.

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And obviously, memes began emerging.

Both the weapons, Pakistanis said, were dangerous for the enemies.

Of course, such statements were going to hit our enemies, namely, Israel and India.

In order to feel better about their own situation, you could see them making assumptions that the cost was a minuscule of their GDP.

Well, if that’s the case, isn’t that even more insulting for you, dear neighbours? 

But we should definitely understand how scared they must be failing. So, let them have this time and say whatever they want to say. It is understandable that they would feel this way after the successful Shaheen performance (both Shaheens that is)

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