Missile Shaheen and its flight
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Inventors can step into the playground from any field. They can be present within the health sector, the technological industry, or the lifestyle sector. There was a time when doctors used to drill holes in people’s heads when they had headaches.

This was a way to release the evil spirits inside, causing the headache. Yes, early medicine had its way with people. When world war I broke out, it was the first time that tanks were used. It shocked people when they saw the sheer size of the tanks.

Similarly, you might have heard of the Manhattan Project. This was when a group of scientists got together and worked on the operations of an atomic bomb. From then till now, weaponry has taken some massive strides towards development.

In the late 90s, under the Nawaz Sharif era, Pakistan tested its atomic power in the mountains of Balochistan. Now, Pakistan has tested the flight of one of its most prime missiles, Shaheen III.

Tanks used in ww1 and Missiles
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Missiles In War:

There are many weapons that come into use during combat. World War II was the first time that aerial combat and para trooping became a thing. Planes often used to engage in dog fights, and battalions used to be dropped in enemy zones, undetected. Similarly, when more work was done in the weaponry area, Missiles were developed. These were explosive trailing devices that went off on impact.

There are quite a few different types of missiles. There are ground to air missiles that target enemy planes and anything aerial. Then there is air to air missiles, which are often used between aerial vehicles. Recon drones like the predator and reaper deploy these types of missiles as well as air to ground. The Shaheen III is yet another type of missile which is ground to ground. Wait till you hear the rest of the news!

Shaheen III Specifications:

This is a missile that is meant to hit targets on the ground while being fired from it too. It projects an immense amount of power upon launch and rises to heights not often seen in missiles. It weighs quite a lot of tons and packs enough firepower to level a considerable area. You do not want to be around when this bad boy is in the air!

Similarly, we must talk about the range on this thing. The Shaheen III missile has the ability to travel approximately 2,750 kilometers before reaching its flight threshold. In the video below, we can see it being launched and tearing through the clouds at breakneck speed. It is genuinely a missile worthy of boasting.

A Most Violent Era:

Of course, it must be stated that, while impressive, it is still a weapon. Where it can be used to threaten enemies, it can also be used by the wrong hands. Anything that is invented can have an adverse effect, and it falls to us to make sure it doesn’t happen.

We congratulate the team responsible for this launch and development, for their success. Shaheen III is one missile worth a glance and a read about.

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