Pakistani Entrepreneur Looks Just Like Aishwarya Rai, Goes Viral

Pakistan has spotted its very own Aishwarya Rai doppelganger and she is an entrepreneur who belongs to Lahore.

Aishwarya Rai In Pakistan 

In an event hosted at Lahore Press Club a reporter spotted Indian actress Aishwarya Rai’s doppelganger. The entrepreneur who goes by the name of Kanwal Cheema was interviewed by a reporter and asked what she thinks of the comparison made between the two.

In response to the question, Kanwal responded with discontent over the public’s remarks. While talking to the reported she noted,

‘I don’t want to respond to this question. People say that I resemble her but I don’t like it.’

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In a quest to get an answer from the entrepreneur, the reporter repeatedly asked about her thoughts. Cheema who is a reputable entrepreneur requested the reporter to focus on her work and her speech rather than her looks.

Kanwal Cheema is the founder and CEO of ‘My Impact Meter’. An impact meter is a central digital platform for an individual to facilitate and track social philanthropic impact. The digital app enables and monitors the impact of social philanthropy. The donor, also known as Impactor on the platform, is the largest group of our customers. Users can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store if they wish to donate, track their donations, and evaluate their impact.

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