Ramadan is a time of physical and mental rejuvenation. People all over the world also engage in activities alongside offering religious obligations. Cricket matches at night or sahoor have been a norm for years. Game shows hosted on TV have also become very popular. Meanwhile, it doesn’t come as a surprise that celebrities are hosting game nights of their own at get-togethers.

However, the latter isn’t sitting well with the netizens as they are criticizing the celebrities for getting together to have fun rather than praying in Ramadan. Hosted by Yashma Gill the celebrities in attendance included Urwa Hocane, Ushna Shah, Hania Amir, Areeba Habib, and many artists of the industry including Babar Zaheer. The bunch was seen playing games including sequence, Jenga, and more, and truth be told they seems like they are having a good time.

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Netizens Respond To The Video 

Netizens were seen questioning the logic and intention of celebrities behind hosting a game night during Ramadan. People pointed out that such things have become a norm and it has become more common for people to engage in meaningless activities rather than dedicating their nights to prayers.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

Meanwhile, people have also been commenting that there is no harm in having a little fun and we cannot be the judge of who is invested in praying and is doing everything they can to stay afloat in their religious obligations.

What are your views on the game nights hosted in Ramadan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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