Update: Death toll has increased to 22.

Unfortunately, another attack has shaken the world. This time, 19 innocent lives were taken whereas over 50 were injured in an attack carried out at Manchester Arena, Monday night on 22nd May.

60 ambulances attended the wounded where American star, Ariana Grande had just wrapped up her concert, however, it is still unclear where the attack exactly took place. As of now, it is suspected that it occurred at the foyer of the venue.


The blast sparked a stampede amongst the attendees of the concert attendees. Singing sensation Ariana Grande expressed her thoughts through Twitter.

Asides Grande, many Pakistani celebs also expressed their condolences and condemned the attack on their respective social platforms.

Pakistani Celebs Condemn Manchester Attack

Videos of the inside and outside of the venue, while the explosion occurred, have surfaced on social media givings insight of the panic which stirred inside of the arena.

International celebs and personalities also expressed their sentiments and reached out to the families of the victims expressing their grief. Concerts and escape places for all, they are venues filled with lively souls and should remain that way.

International Condolences

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