eBay’s CEO, Devin Wenig, is head of one of the biggest e-commerce giants in the world. According to Wenig, Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets for e-commerce business and is a hot spot for such businesses.

He also added that the country is learning how to adapt the trend, and it has been adopting it fast. According to Wenig;

“It’s the fastest growing markets we have around the world. Anywhere where wealth is growing and technology is being adopted, e-commerce is being adopted like crazy,” – Devin Wenig, CEO eBay

While addressing the audience at World Economic Forum through a Facebook Live session, when asked about Pakistan’s emerging markets and online shopping space, he predicted that a country like Pakistan is always looking for goods, wealth is then expected to be generated.

The success of Pakistan’s online shopping forums and other e-commerce platforms can see more potential for growth as the country is also adapting to technology advancement.

Users are switching to 3G/4G services, Smartphones are now more affordable which means it is even more convenient to buy them now, exposing individuals in rural areas to the modern world.

Pakistanis are already familiar with platforms like AliExpress and take part in major online shopping sales like Black Friday.

When asked why eBay has not made its footprint as of yet in Pakistan, Wenig said that eBay did not have a version geared for buyers/sellers from Pakistan, the service was still extensively being used by Pakistanis on various eBay sites.

He concluded the conversation by adding;

“We absolutely encourage you to shop, and we will get our goods and services in Pakistan for sure. Go and use eBay in Pakistan.”

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