Socialbakers, a global media analytics company has compiled a survey between the period of 1st June-22nd August 2018. In the survey, they compiled a list of ‘Most Popular Countries by Facebook Check-ins’.

According to the reports, Pakistan ranks on #6 with total check-ins of 4,236,743 (186,703 Summer check-ins).

The top country with the most check-ins was Hong Kong with 12,791,691 (553,918 Summer check-ins). Followed by South Africa with 4,207,555 (294,777 Summer check-ins) and Russia on 3rd with 9,282,689 (286,564 Summer check-ins).


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The company also shared reports of ‘The Most Popular Airports by Facebook Check-Ins’, ‘The Most Popular Hotels by Facebook Check-Ins’, ‘The Most Popular Art Museums by Facebook Check-Ins’, ‘The Most Popular National Parks by Facebook Check-ins’.

Previously, Socialbakers took our a survey of the ‘Top Emojis by Country’.

The Facebook Check-In feature is used by millions worldwide to share with their friends about what their activity is with their friends.

Do you also check-in to all the places you visit?

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