Pakistan Is Set To Launch Its First Media Technology University
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Media technology is the future. The swiftly advancing technology can, without a doubt, enhance our lives and make them more manageable. According to a study, 90% of humans, aged 5 to 17, use computer systems and approximately 59% of them are online. Given the current situation and the need for social distancing, media technology builds bridges needed for connections. In light of the need for such advances, Pakistan is launching its first state-of-the-art Media Technology University in Islamabad.

Pakistan’s First Media Technology University

According to Fawad Chaudary, the university will be established in Pakistan to promote the development of media technology. Moreover, the university will be one of its kind and will focus on providing the best opportunities to its students.

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The different fields include animation, visual effects, filmmaking, as well as, cinematography. Moreover, the students will be able to get a set of skills and education to master media studies.

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Federal Minister sheds light on the initiative 

Fawad Chaudry also said:

This is the first time that a Media Technology University is being set up to develop the media. Over 1,500 internships are planned for media persons in the country.” 

He addressed the importance of media and technology while emphasizing the need for both. He stated that social media and the modern age had changed people’s perception and the decision-making skills in which media plays a vital role. The younger generations must take charge and learn new innovative skills which can be beneficial for society.

The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting further added that “Pakistan has rendered 70,000 lives in the war on terrorism, but no book has so far been written on it. Today, we can’t win wars with weapons, but with digital media.

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University Inauguration 

Prime Minister Imran Khan will formally launch the university in an inauguration ceremony on 14th August. Meanwhile, in recent news, the minister talked with the CEO of Huawei Pakistan Saif Chi, to join in on the venture for the university’s future development.

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