It’s Ramadan again, and as usual, brands are competing to grab our attention. Ramadan is a prime time for marketers to connect with their audiences by offering entertaining, engaging, and emotionally resonant content. That’s why we’ve seen some truly memorable Ramadan ads over the years. Here are our top favourite ads that capture the essence of this holy month.

1. Shan 

A remarkable ad that beautifully illustrates how the holy month of Ramadan can unite people is none other than from Shan and is our absolute favourite. The ad portrays a young Chinese couple in Pakistan, where the wife struggles to adapt to the new environment. Everything, from customs to food, feels unfamiliar to her. However, she realises that food has the power to bring people together.

In a heartwarming gesture, she decides to make biryani for her neighbors. The reaction of her neighbours when she offers them biryani is truly touching and will surely warm your heart.

2. Coca-Cola 

Another memorable Ramadan commercial is Coca-Cola’s 2018 ad, which serves as a poignant reminder of our shared bonds.

The ad follows a young Muslim girl as she observes the Ramadan fast. It vividly portrays her struggles in the scorching summer heat as she chases a bus and witnesses others around her enjoying food.

However, her day brightens when another young woman offers her a Coca-Cola. Unable to drink it due to her fast, the girl is touched when the woman waits until dusk, allowing them to enjoy the Coca-Cola together.

This 2 minute and 13-second ad evokes powerful emotions and underscores the message that our commonalities are stronger than our differences, uniting us all.

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3. Mcdonald’s

In 2018, McDonald’s Singapore released a touching Ramadan ad that beautifully captured the essence of the holy month. The 1 minute and 52-second video feature a young McDonald’s delivery guy who begins his day with a pre-fast meal before embarking on his duties of delivering food orders throughout the day, overcoming various challenges along the way.

Despite facing obstacles such as using stairs due to a broken lift and assisting a man whose car had broken down, he perseveres. Just when you start to empathize with his struggles, one of the customers he delivers food to surprises him with a Happy Sharing Box from McDonald’s.

The ad concludes with the tagline “Share The Spirit of Ramadan,” emphasizing the message of spreading joy and happiness, which has always been at the heart of Ramadan.

4. Surf Excel 

My favorite Ramadan ad is from 2016, as it beautifully encapsulates the essence of Ramadan—prioritizing the happiness of others above your own, which ultimately leads to your own happiness.

The ad depicts a group of young children assisting a street food vendor whose cart had become stuck. Together, they help him sell all his food, but their clothes get stained in the process. This is when Surf Excel cleverly integrates its brand with its well-known tagline “daag acche hain” (stains are good).

What makes this advertisement stand out is not only its compelling content promoting selflessness but also its seamless product placement.

5. Peugeot 

Peugeot, in collaboration with creative agency Science & Sunshine, is showcasing a cherished tradition – the Misaharaty – in its latest campaign.

The Misaharaty, one of the oldest customs during Ramadan, refers to the individual who walks through residential areas beating a drum to wake people up for their pre-dawn meal before morning prayers.

In the brief commercial, viewers see a family continuing this meaningful tradition, much to the joy of one of the elders.

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