imran khan culprit blamed rape
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Disclaimer: This article contains mention of rape which may be distressing to some readers.

In a recent interview with an international host, Prime Minister Imran Khan takes a leap forward in terms of his views on rape. 

Imran Khan’s Views on Rape

imran khan culprit blamed rape
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In an interview with Judy Woodruff of Newshour, the Prime Minister was cornered on his views on rape. Woodruff begins the question by asking that in a recent interview, “You put some blame for the rape on the women. Is the women’s clothing responsible for rape?” asked Woodruff. To this, the Prime Minister said straight up “only the rapist is responsible for the rape.” 

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He reiterates this a few times and emphasis his anti-victim blaming stance. “Let’s be clear about that,” he says as he assures the host and the people watching, the rapist is responsible for the rape. Never the woman or her clothes. Prime Minister also says, “no matter how provocative the woman is”, the only one responsible is the perpetrator.

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Clarifying His Stance

Previously in an interview, Imran Khan’s statements were that when women dress scantily, men will react unless they’re robots. 

imran khan culprit blamed rape
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However, now Imran Khan has clarified his stance. He believes that his words were deliberately taken out of context.

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Pakistan’s Growing Sex Crimes

imran khan culprit blamed rape
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White Ribbon is an organisation that works on women’s rights and protection. According to White Ribbon, 13 women are murdered in Pakistan in the name of honour every day. The statistics that show Pakistan’s level of safety for women are horrifying. Pakistan is also 164th on the list of 167 countries ranked according to women’s safety and protection.

Facts speak for themselves when people will not. Currently, the increase of sex crimes and violence against women is an epidemic on the rise.

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