Faysal Quraishi’s appearance as a guest on Farieha Altaf’s latest podcast has shared some grave insights into major social issues and this is the first time the actor has spoken about literally everything.

Faysal Quraishi On Television Rating Points (TRPs):

A child star, long-time host, and comedy actor Faysal Quraishi’s achievements are no stranger to the public. However, the actor has actively been working on some of the major social issues with the biggest organizations for years now. In conversation with FWhy podcast host Farieha Altaf, Faysal Quraishi recalled his experience as a host and anchor and how he doesn’t do anything for TRPs even if given a chance.

Speaking about his work as a host on Ramadan transmissions, the actor called it a social responsibility to avoid controversies that divide us a nation.

“If I wanted to do something for the rating, it would have been very easy for me. If I invite scholars from three different schools’ thoughts, only one question is enough to start an argument. But if there is an argument that can raise problems, why even discuss that on TV,” Quraishi added. 

While talking about the issue of TRPs and public reaction to talk show scandals, he expressed relief to see Pakistani television shows changing for the better.

A lot of work is being done to eliminate this issue and calm down the public. Many hosts are following through and now you don’t see people fighting on these issues anymore.”

“Thank God we have succeeded in doing so. I have done shows both this year and last year as well and we made sure to not create an issue on the show. So, no I’m not into rating games,” he concluded. 

Faysal Quraishi also spoke about his work, earlier life and dark web in detail. Here’s the full interview.


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