We’re nearing the annual wedding season with the year ending, giving overseas Pakistanis the opportunity to be a part of family weddings amid Christmas and New Year holidays.

With that said, we wonder what to expect from the weddings that lie ahead now that we’re seeing both extravagant celebrations with more than three bridal outfits and also those that made headlines for a more subtle, intimate celebration.

The question of whether to opt for a grand, ‘nearly a dozen bridal outfits’ wedding or a more modest and intimate affair is entirely a personal one. But we were really thanking our lucky stars when there was a nationwide shift towards simpler weddings.

Even when COVID-19 was no longer a primary force behind the transition, celebrities like Pakistani model Eman Suleman and Neha Taseer normalised the concept of elegant simplicity— unlike those 11 nuptials and nine outfits Aiman Khan made headlines with, making the line between middle class and elites appear wider.

Now, Mahira Khan’s wedding has been one hot topic that had us hooked for a month now and we’re not even sure if the hype is ending anytime soon. But it’s safe to say that her wedding is one of those star-studded nuptials that will add to the trends we’ve had over the years— if not change them completely.

With the two extremes mentioned above, let’s see if Mahira Khan’s wedding also falls into the same category as Aiman Khan.

The Details:

Dresses: We were able to spot 9 dresses that are not from drama shoots.
Makeup: Babar Zaheer and Adnan Ansari

Events: We were able to get a closer look from her Mayun(s), Mehendi, Dholki(s), Gaana Night and Nikah events as her wedding planner, Miradore Weddings, event designer, Aarij Hashimi, cinematographer, Izzah Shaheen Malik, and the Henna girl, Rabail Jahan Afroz, shared their work on Instagram.

Venue: Most of the major events were held at Pearl Continental Bhurban, including Gaana Night, Mehendi, Nikah.

And then there were some casual ones.

We thought we had left the never-ending grand nuptials behind us, but Mahira Khan’s wedding isn’t good news in that regard. We can only hope that people forget about her palace-esque wedding like a sweet dream.

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