traffic signals and how to not break them
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Have you ever felt annoyed by the traffic here? Do you find yourself cursing everything while getting stuck in an unnecessary traffic jam? Mind you, this is a jam that could have been avoided due to a simple thing: not breaking the signal. The signals have been made for our own safety. It does not do well to break them whenever you please to do so. Of course, we must remember that rules can be ignored when it comes to emergencies. However, running a red light because you did not want to stop, is not a reason to do so.

Like everything, cars also have a smooth flow on the road. If the flow is broken, there is chaos everywhere. Running the red light not only causes problems in your lane but in many others too. The point of traffic signals is not to waste your time. It is to make sure that everyone gets their opportunity to cross the road. It is nothing too advanced to understand or comprehend. In fact, it is quite simple. Stop running through red lights!

traffic signal and breaking it
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Traffic Signals Being Broken

People often find it an inconvenience to slow down at a signal. They think it is a lot of effort to slow down after the car is moving at a brisk pace. What one does not consider is that another car has just started to move from the other signal. Your decision to not slow the car could bring it to a terrifying abrupt stop. You could even hurt a pedestrian who is crossing the road, thinking the traffic has stopped or that you will stop.

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This is also why the writer of the article thinks many problems could be solved by not breaking signals. What is the person going to do with the whole two seconds that they saved in crossing the red light? People have families in their cars, even those that break the signal. If they cannot give regard to their life, they should think about the people with them. Is it necessary to be involved in a signal-breaking accident and then realizing the signal shouldn’t have been broken?

car crash on breaking traffic signal
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Many Problems Solved

If people give more regard to following the traffic signals, a lot of fatalities and traffic jams can be avoided. There are a few seconds between the green and red light if there is no yellow present. If you are over the pedestrian line before it turns red, you can cross. Otherwise, you must reverse and wait. Don’t keep going! Additionally, one should never speed at a signal if the light has already turned yellow.

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Just simply not breaking signals can solve a huge chunk of traffic issues that reside here in Pakistan. It’s justified if it had to be done in an emergency but otherwise, it’s just increasing risk. Just because it’s early morning and there aren’t many cars on the road, does not mean you break the signal. The writer of this article believes people who cannot respect road rules should not be given permission to drive until they learn.

signal stopping and avoiding accidents
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