Motor Vehicle Taxes

Vehicle owners in Karachi, who have not paid their taxes, now have to face the consequences. A crackdown has started against non-tax payers across the city.

A total of eleven teams have been dispatched to 38 locations on a hunt for offenders who will be answerable to the excise and taxation department accompanied by traffic police.

Their checkpoints have been set up in different areas including MA Jinnah Road (Quaid’s mausoleum), Shahrah-e-Quaideen, Muslimabad, Shaheen Complex, Keamari, Clifton, Bath Island and PIDC.

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Vehicles caught will be sent to the impound and owners will have to pay the full amount they owe to get their vehicle back. Documents will vouch for drivers to show whether or not taxes have been paid.

For those who will not carry their papers along them are also going to be out of luck as the police will file a case against them.

Sindh Motor Vehicle Law

The Motor Vehicle Tax is levied under Sindh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1958 and Motor Vehicle Rules, 1959.

The registration of vehicles is being effected through a computerized system and tax is also collected through 12 designated National Bank branches, linked with Civic Centre Karachi.

The Computer System of Civic Centre Karachi is also linked with the regional Directorates, Excise & Taxation at Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana and Mirpurkhas.

Motor Vehicle Registration Fee

Motor Vehicle Registration fee is payable at the time of Registration of a new vehicle at the following rates.

S. NoCategory of Motor VehiclesRate of Fee
1Motor Cycle/ Scooters1% of the value of the vehicle.
2M/Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Double Cabin/ Single Cabin Pickups, etc. up to 1300 cc Engine Power1% of the value of the vehicle.
3M/Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Double Cabin/ Single Cabin Pickups, etc. from 1300 cc to 2500 cc Engine Power2% of the value of the vehicle.
4M/Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Double Cabin/ Single Cabin Pickups, etc. of above 2500 cc4% of the value of the vehicle.
5Trucks/ Busses and commercially used Vans, Single Cabin Pickups, Motor Cab Rickshaws and Motor Propelled Tricycles, etc.1% of the value of the vehicle.
6Tractors1% of the value of the vehicle.
7Number Plate Fee: Motor Cycles Rickshaws Scooter and Motor CyclesRs. 300/- per Single plate
8Number Plate Fee: Commercial and Non-Commercial VehiclesRs. 500/- for a Set of two plates
9Fee for DCRC (Duplicate Registration Copy) for all types of vehiclesRs. 2000/-
Motor Vehicle Transfer fee

Motor Vehicle Transfer fee is payable at the time of Transfer of  ownership of a vehicle at the following rates:

S. NoCategory of Motor VehiclesRate of Fee
1Motor CycleRs.200/-
2M/Cars, Jeeps, etc. up to 800 cc Engine PowerRs.800/-
3M/Cars, Jeeps, etc. from 801 cc to 2,000 cc Engine PowerRs.1,000/-
Motor Vehicle Tax (Private Vehicles)
Engine CapacityNumber of SeatsAmount
 1 CC 1,000 CC17 1,000
89 1,400
10 AND ABOVE 1,800
 1,001 CC 1,199 CC17 1,500
89 1,900
12 AND ABOVE 2,300
 1,200 CC 1,300 CC17 1,500
89 1,900
1011 2,300
12 AND ABOVE 2,700
 1,301 CC 1,600 CC111 3,000
 12 AND ABOVE 4,200
 1,601 CC 2,000 CC16 3,200
711 3,400
12 AND ABOVE 4,400
 2,001 CC 2,500 CC16 3,500
711 3,700
1214 4,700
15 AND ABOVE 5,300
2500 CC and Above16 5,000
711 5,800
1214 6,200
15 AND ABOVE 6,800
Luxury Tax

At the time of Registration:

S no.Category of Motor VehicleRate of Fee
1Imported motor Cars with the engine Capacity from 3000 CC & aboveRs.100,000/-.
2Imported motor Cars with the engine Capacity from 2000 CC to 2999 CCRs.50,000/-
3Imported motor Cars with the engine Capacity from 1500 CC to 1999 CCRs.5000/-
4Locally manufactured or assembled motor cars with engine capacity from 1500 CC and AboveRs.5000/-.

A fee on choice number plates

Sr.NoRegistration MarkFixed Price
1Serial Nos. 110,786,0687.Rs.75,000/-
2Serial Nos. 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888 & 9999.Rs.50,000/-
3Serial Nos. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 & 999.Rs.25,000/-
4Serial Nos. 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008 & 009.

Serial Nos. 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008 & 0009.

5Serial Nos. 011, 022, 033, 044, 055, 066, 077, 088 & 099.

Serial Nos. 0111, 0222, 0333, 0444, 0555, 0666, 0777, 0888 & 0999.

6Serial Nos. 0011, 0022, 0033, 0044, 0055, 0066, 0077, 0088 & 0099.Rs.10,000/-
7Serial Nos. 1122, 3344, 4455, 5566,6677, 7788 & 8899.Rs.10,000/-
8Serial Nos. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 & 900.

Serial Nos. 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 & 9000.

9Any other choice number other than mentioned from Serial No. 01 to 08.Rs.5,000/-

A penalty in Default of Registration of New Motor Vehicles W.E.F.01.08.2009 With Following Rates

Sr.NoPeriodRate of Tax
1Where the default does not exceed six months.Rs.5,000/-
2Where the default exceeds six months but does not exceed one year.Rs.10,000/-
3Where the default exceeds one year but does not exceed two years.Rs.20,000/-
4Where the default exceeds two years but does not exceed three years.Rs.30,000/-
5Where the default exceeds three years but does not exceed four years.Rs.40,000/-
6Where the default exceeds four years but does not exceed five years.Rs.50,000/-
7Where the default exceeds more than five years.Rs.1,00,000/-

Withholding Tax Under Section 234 B Collected at The Time of Annual Renewal of Motor Vehicles Tax.

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Provision of the SectionTax Rate
Filer Non Filer
(i)In the case of goods Transport VehiclesRs. 2.5 per kg of the laden weightRs. 4 per kg of the laden weight
1(A)Transport vehicle with the laden weight of 8120 Kg or more after a period ten years from the date of first registration Passenger transportRs, 1200 per annum Rs, 1200 per annum
(2)In the case of Passenger Transport Vehicles plying for hire, seating capacity.
(a) 4 or more persons but less than 10 persons.Rs.50 per Seat per AnnumRs.100 per Seat per Annum
(b) 10 or more persons but less than 20 persons.Rs.100 per Seat per AnnumRs.200 per Seat per Annum
(c) 20 persons or moreRs.300 per Seat per AnnumRs.500 per Seat per Annum
(3) Other Private Motor vehicles, including car, jeep, van, sport utility vehicle, pickup trucks for private use, caravan automobile, limousine, wagon or any other automobile used for private purposes:-
Filer Non Filer
Upto 1000ccRs. 800Rs. 1,200
1001cc to 1199ccRs. 1,500Rs. 4,000
1200cc to 1299ccRs. 1,750Rs. 5,000
1300cc to 1499ccRs. 2,500Rs. 7,500
1500cc to 1599ccRs. 3,750Rs. 12,000
1600cc to 1999ccRs. 4,500Rs. 15,000
2000cc & aboveRs. 10,000Rs. 30,000

Withholding Tax Under Section 231 B Collected at The Time of New Registration of Locally Manufactured Vehicles with Effect from 1.7.2008

Section Engine CapacityFilerNon Filer**
231B Advance Tax on Private motor vehicles
at the time of New Registration
Upto 850CCRs. 7500
851cc to 1000ccRs. 15,000
1001cc to 1300ccRs. 25,000
1301c to 1600ccRs. 50,000
1601cc to 1800ccRs. 75,000
1801cc to 2000ccRs. 10,0000
2001cc to 2500ccRs. 150,000
2501cc to 3000ccRs. 200,000
Above 3000ccRs. 250,000

**As per Finance act 2018-19 Application for Registration of New Locally Manufactured or any Imported Vehicle will not be accepted by Motor Registration authority if the applicant is NON FILE

Withholding Tax Collected U/S 231B(2) – Transfer of Registration or ownership of the motor vehicle with Five years of First Registration
Section Engine CapacityFilerNon Filer

Transfer of Registration or ownership of
motor vehicle
with Five years of First Registration

Upto 850CCNilRs. 5,000
851cc to 1000ccRs. 5,000Rs. 15,000
1001cc to 1300ccRs. 7,500Rs. 25,000
1301c to 1600ccRs. 12,500Rs. 65,000
1601cc to 1800ccRs. 18,750Rs.100,000
1801cc to 2000ccRs. 25,000Rs. 135,000
2001cc to 2500ccRs. 37,500Rs. 200,000
2501cc to 3000ccRs. 50,000Rs. 270,000
Above 3000ccRs. 62,000Rs. 300,000

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