nida yasir

It’s 2018 but the morning show craze in Pakistan continues with full force. The race of ratings compel the hosts to air the most controversial content and end up receiving backlash from the public.

Recently, Nida Yasir’s morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ has become the talk of the town for inviting the cute Pathan kid ‘Ahmed Shah’ in yesterday’s episode.

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We all know how the adorable boy became an instant social media sensation with his endearing videos. People fell in love with his hilarious antics and this paved a way for media to start cashing on the little child.

Nida Yasir too seized the chance and invited the young one on her show. However, the audience didn’t find her behavior appropriate with Ahmed.

Apparently, the hostess encouraged the child to exhibit anger and prompted him to misbehave on Live TV!

Watch a clip from the show below.


Twitterverse was quick to notice how the poor child was triggered on television. 

Viewers objected against the demeaning behavior children will learn from her show.

People blamed Nida Yasir for not being a responsible host towards Ahmed.

Twitterati now wants her show to be banned immediately.

Many did not find the content humorous, which was apparently the aim of the episode.

It is to be noted that our media holds immense power to be agents of change. They can impact a situation positively and especially school our younger generation to behave respectfully.

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