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NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are not even in an up-and-coming matter. They are here and they are here to stay it would seem. The trade happens in exchange for cryptocurrency and usually amounts to millions of dollars. While trades do happen and if they are happening in the crypto world, it means that a certain item is selling for millions of dollars, that’s just crazy, right?

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1. Pak, the Pixel

One can never truly understand artists, artworks, and art lovers. If you would recall, a banana taped to a canvas got sold at an incredibly high price. Similarly, in the virtual world, an image of a singular pixel was sold. A pixel, of which every screen in the digital world is composed of. It was priced and sold at $1.36 million.

pak the pixel nfts
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2. Beeple, Everydays—The First 5000 Days

Another NFT mint-er created a digital blockchain artwork. It was called Everydays. The idea basically was that the all-digital art pieces that Beeple had created every day since May 1, 2007, were going to be a part of this singular art. The bids starter at a mere $100 but Everydays was finally sold for $69 million.

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3. Beeple Crossroads

Beeple’s Crossroads minted on February 2021 garnered $6.6 million. Crossroads was developed around Donald Trump. A few month after minting, the price was locked at more than $6 million and showed a naked Trump. There was graffiti on him and people walked past him with indifference.

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4. Pak, The Switch

Pak made yet another artwork by the name of the Switch. Just like the Pixel, it was termed as one of his most expensive artworks. The Switch was sold at $1.4 million.

It is assumed to represent how art evolves in the digital realm. The interesting thing about it is that it is an actual switch. The owner has changed the artwork but that change is irreversible.

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pak the switch
Image Source: Mutual Art

5. Mad Dog Jones, “Crash + Burn”

Crash+Burn was sold at $3.9 million. The NFT was minted by Mad Dog Jones and dropped in around February 2021.

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These NFTs are incredibly expensive but then again the amount of art is something an art lover would know better even if it is in the digital world, wouldn’t you say?

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