If you thought that Snapchat cannot get any more creative after introducing AR games, think again! The company has introduced its first voice-activated Snapchat Lens and its pink (kind of)!

The company has been focusing a lot on their Lens to provide their users new filters and experiences. They even created and established the Lens Studio for creators to play around and show their talent to the world.

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According to Twitter user Geoff D., the Lens may seem pretty basic at first – it’s a cute animal mask overlay that adds neon pink ears, nose and whiskers to your face. But the ears will actually react to sounds picked up by your microphone.

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However, as exciting as this may be, it raises a question, has Snapchat been listening in on all conversations all this time?

This might be a serious issue and a huge hit to privacy concerns many of the users might have.

What do you think about the new voice-activated Snapchat Lens?

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