The highly anticipated Pakistani age of coming drama College Gate finally premiered this month. The drama features the story of teenagers enjoying the best years of their lives in college. As soon as the promo for the drama went viral, netizens immediately started mocking it for being a rip-off of the hit Spanish series. However, now that the drama has gone on air netizens are still not happy.

Is College Gate A Must Watch?

It is no doubt that dramas like College Gate always feel like a breath of fresh air for the viewers. However, the repetitive storylines with meaningless content are everything that’s wrong with our dramas. While the promos for College Gate felt something out of the norm, it’s no surprise that the drama serial has failed to deliver the quality content the public was hoping to get out of it. With only a few episodes down, the drama is already sparking controversy for having unethical storylines and steering Western propaganda.

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Meanwhile, a particular scene from a drama is now going viral for recreating the most iconic fight from a Bollywood reality show. The clip shows the two actors engaged in a fight delivering the same dialogue as shown in the reality series. The scene doesn’t only show lack of creativity but also, poor acting, and a bland storyline that isn’t sitting well with the public.

Take a look at what they have to say about the series.

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