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Junaid Safdar’s wedding is currently the talk of the town. Everybody is following the wedding details, from functions and events to what designers the family is opting for. However, what the critics and netizens notice is how the family is acting. In contrast, Maryam’s outfits for the occasions have sparked an online debate on whether it is ok to dress up and outshine the bride. Others have taken them to a different level by commenting and picking at her gestures.

Maryam Nawaz Kiss The Bride’s Hand 

A recent picture on social media went viral where the groom’s mother is seen Kissing the bride’s hand. While there are so many things where netizens could direct their attention to, they made sure to pick up on the simplest of the moments and make a fuss about it.

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Take a look at the picture below.

The mother of the groom is herself sharing a lot of pictures from the wedding events and it only shows how much she is enjoying the events.

How Are Netizens Reacting?

What looks like a harmless and heartwarming gesture was turned into an online debate by the netizens. While some mentioned how the gesture is just for the public and will last a while only, others said that Maryam Nawaz could’ve done better. In a society where dressing up in the fanciest of clothes you own, the netizens obsession with Maryam Nawaz’s dressing sense is not understandable.

Take a look at some of the things troll left behind at the post.

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The variety of comments on the posts had us wondering what right someone has to interfere in a family affair. That is too sitting behind the screen.

Meanwhile, the Nawaz family is having the time of their lives while enjoying the wedding ceremony. It looks like the spotlight is going to shine on the family, plus a whole lot of trolling in the days to come.

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